About S-Service Ltd.

S-Service Ltd. is a growing enterprise engaged in hospitality and tourism industry. We are enthusiasts who believe that personal care and pleasant service may change the image of tourism.

Our biggest asset is the daily implementation of our primary goal - to help people get to places easily and joyfully. We are on the side of our clients and try to understand the needs of every single person, every time.

We started with just two vehicles some years ago and thanks to our hard work and special attitude, we are now proud to deliver various services such as private transfers, city tours, country trips, excursions, rent-a-car, concierge, personal assistance. We are partnering with the finest hotels in Bulgaria for the sake of the guests of our beautiful country. We are devoted in ensuring great experience of every visitor and we put a lot of passion in our mission.

Our aim is perfection and we are very well aware that we need to work hard for reaching it day-by-day. We are completely open for each and every new partnership that we could establish. We dare say that we know how to do sustainable business that is beneficial for everybody.

Yuliyan Nikolov